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A big difference between a man and a woman is how they take care of their skin. No man would be caught dead with smooth hairless legs, where as girls take the extra time to make sure their skins are smooth and soft for their husbands, dream hunks and of course their own enjoyment. Why? The answer is simple because smooth legs feel and look so much better then ugly hair on unwanted places, especially combined with stockings or pantyhose’s.

For the longest time this sissy has been afraid of shaving, even though she knew it was the correct and right thing to do.
It was this sissy’s fear that she was losing her masculine former self slowly but surely that prevented her to shave.
Eventually as the summer months came to a close, misti realized that she had no need for thoughts of the past, that she was who she was now and that meant she had to work on her hygiene.

A little hesitant at first she decided to paint her nails an extra feminine pink first, so she would be reminded of her true self whilst shaving. With no House of Sissify to guide her at the time, she thought of all the television ads about shaving products she saw over the years and began to apply her shaving cream….

…..Out of the shower stepped no man at all, this sissy looked at herself that day and saw how her smooth skin and painted nails combined with her already quiet skinny appearance made her look less of a man and more like the sissy she truly is.

We are now a few months later and this sissy has not looked back, she loves her smooth skin and gets disappointed if she notices hair on her legs as it is her goal to strife for perfection, it makes her giggle just thinking about it.
Touching her legs whilst wearing some pantyhosehose is one of her favorite reminders of her place as her skin is so sensitive now, over the months her thought pattern changed from being afraid to show them off in public to wanting to show off her smooth skin for every one to see.

This sissy hopes this report is to the liking of her Superiors, and wishes to thank them and her fellow sisters for taking the time to read her story.

Much love,

A sissy named misti

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1 year ago

very nice description, misti – penny also likes that you mentioned you painted your toenails first. given that it is your goal to stay clean, how frequently do you shave (and do you shave your whole body?).


1 year ago

So wonderful to hear about your first experience, misti! Every sissy NEEDS to experience smooth legs.

But do not forget that there are cyclists and swimmers, too … (and quick sissy quiz: which sport is more feminine?)

princess sissy
1 year ago

dear sister, bravo! sissy so much loves being fully smooth shaven all the time. so sissy shares the excitement you have and pleasure in the Feminine self. one could think of shaving as each time represents shaving off anothe layer of man and bringing sweet Woman forth. xoxoxoxo

Madame Stewart
1 year ago