helen_maid | 08.30.2005 | Reports - Place and Worship

For a long time now this one has been preparing meals and doing the odd chore around the house while her S/O is at work. At the time of starting this, it was supposed to be an introduction of this one to her S/O. But it didnÍt happen. It seemed that this ones other half was not interested in seeing helen but was content to let her be as long as She didnÍt have to deal with it.

With all the problems we both face at work and our lives as such this one thought she was doing a fair job at making life a little easier for her S/O. Reading the tutorial on the good sissy guide it was easy to see that she could do better and set out to make sure that she did. Who knows she thought, may be if she did do well her S/O might relent and allow her to be seen in Her presence.