tiasbottombitch | 05.16.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Good day Madame Stewart, other Superiors of the House and sisters,

In reading and coming to grips with my lowly position as a useless sissy slave lexi realizes that her shallow and pitiful attempts to be a good sissy were half-hearted and self-serving. While it may be true that in the past sissy lexi has made feeble attempts to “serve“, those feeble attempts now come to a close.

After an involved discussion with my owner, GODDESS TIA, my service will now be regularly reported. The things involved include domestic chores completed to relieve my spouse of any undue stress. This includes:
1. Daily making of bed after rising,
2. No dishes shall be in the sink when spouse gets home from work,
3. Cleaning 1 room a week, completely , from top-to bottom until the entire house has been completed,
4. Ensuring all automobiles are well serviced and cleaned as needed by spouse,
5. Making sure all cat boxes are well maintained and clean,
6. Ensuring dogs are walked several times daily so spouse does not have except when sissy is at work,
7. To complete one hour a day of exercise so sissy may be in better physical condition to take on more tasks as time passes.

sissy lexi will be completing a separate report on the discipline GODDESS TIA imposed on this sissy for he.r failures.

Bowing away humbly!!

Tias Bottom Bitch


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