sissy-slut | 11.04.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy is very happy to learn about serving Mistress better.
This sissy enjoyed the part of the lesson that taught that this sissy does not need Mistress to direct sissy all the time.
It is sissy’s responsibility to make sure that every day through all actions, the feminine training continues.
It is about how sissy walks, sits, and carries herself, even when not with Mistress.
Mistress will correct sissy if needed, but it is up to this sissy to conduct herself in a feminine way at all times.
The lesson that was particularly interesting was the part that taught that if a sissy concentrates on her feminine ways of walking and posture, etc. then Mistress will notice sissy being submissive and that will attract more attention from Mistress which is the goal of this sissy.
So, sissy can service Mistress by focusing on being a good sissy.
By cleaning, cooking and taking care of Mistress, sissy can show her willingness to serve Mistress and by dressing correctly, and acting appropriately at all times sissy can show her subservience to the power of Mistress.
Thank you for your time.

– sissy slut

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princess sissy
10 months ago

vey nice way to start dear. sissy is happy for you.

Madame Stewart
10 months ago

Good start sweetie! Now, I want to know how you applied these ideas with an actual account from your life!