A sissy serves her Superior
sweet_valentine | 03.28.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Good day Dear Superiors,

This sissy would like to begin he.r Servitude report by thanking the Superiors for Their Guidance and Wisdom in this topic, and the constant Support and Direction They provide to the sisters of the House.

In studying and practicing he.r servitude, this sissy has come to understand just how little s.he knew (and still knows) about real servitude, and thinks this realization may be the first step in achieving true submission and servitude. This sissy has had to work hard to overcome over 40 years of conditioning as a male, where working in a male-dominated discipline in a senior position has corrupted this sissy’s ability to subjugate he.rself correctly to Superior Women (which is of course all Women) and real Alpha Men, in that order. Thankfully, the training of the House has provided a path for this sissy that is proving effective, and s.he can feel real change happening.

This sissy is fortunate to have an incredible Wife that is clearly an object worthy of Worship and Adoration. Unfortunately, this sissy’s wife is unaware of sissy’s true nature and does not participate in the sissification of this sissy. The House has a solution for this, of course, and this sissy has been increasing he.r worship of he.r Superior Wife covertly by taking on more tasks, including those that are strictly for Her comfort. For example, this sissy saw that he.r Wife was about to remove the polish on Her toenails and offered to do it for Her. This sissy reveled in the opportunity to fill that role, taking the time to do it gently and lovingly, and then gave he.r Wife a foot massage after the task had been completed. The entire experience was liberating for this sissy – serving the Superior Woman in he.r life felt so natural and good!

This sissy struggles every day to not only act accordingly with the philosophy espoused in the Zen of Servitude (such as doing something every day for one’s Superior, or any Woman at all), but to modify he.r mindset to truly feel and embrace that role – to fully live it, such that this sissy would never want to live any other way. That so far seems to be the hardest part – consistency. This is not just a fetish for momentary pleasure, this is a change of being. But thought is reinforced by action – as taught to us by our Superiors at the House – and this sissy is trying to put as much action as s.he can into every day. This sissy wears he.r panties at every opportunity (not 24/7 unfortunately), is walking more like a sissy should, sitting more like a sissy should, and is beginning to feel like a sissy should more and more because of it. This sissy will continue to put more action of servitude into he.r daily life, in order that s.he may become more servile with the aim of being of more use to the Superiors around he.r.

Thank You for reading this sissy’s submission, and as always thank You for Your continued support in helping us sissies serve and live better.

Yours in blossoming servitude,


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princess jimmie
1 year ago

Great report. Servitude is an attitude and a mindset. You have both. jimmie

1 year ago

Hey sister, great report, thanks for sharing. I am too travelling this similar path now.

princess sissy
1 year ago

dear sister, sissy see that sister has firmly grasped the foundational reins of servitude and is holding them tight as she moves ahead. bravo! sissy has and continues to walk down this same path, so sissy understands what you are saying so well.

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Great report sweetie! Top notch. This assures your transformation sweetie – this kind of intention and application!