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sweet_valentine | 06.19.2019 | Reports - sissySexuality

Being a secret sissy has its challenges. This gurl has had to find creative ways to maximize he.r sissy time, and masturbating on he.r special days has become very creative indeed as a result. To illustrate, here is what valentine’s last Friday session looked like (thank You for this special day Madame Stewart!)

This sissy came home from work at lunch time. s.he quickly stripped out of he.r gross boy clothes (yuck!), leaving only her black panties in place. s.he then prepared he.r routine, which must take no more than one hour. First: select an outfit and a toy. This includes six-inch black platform heels (to practice sissy walking), a black “pussy-thong” with a two-inch anal spreader attached. The thong tucks the clitty tightly while the balls (ugh, even hate writing that word!) are snugged into individual little pouches that make them look like pussy lips – sexiest use for them so far! The anal spreader is essentially a butt plug that has a hole through the middle that allows one to see up inside a sissy’s pussy (or insert a vibrator ;). Add stockings, a tight pink t-shirt and bright red lipstick, and this gurl is ready to go!

valentine starts with a double duty of heel and throat training – s.he struts back and forth on he.r stilettos while sliding he.r six-inch purple dildo into he.r mouth, subduing he.r pesky gag reflex, all while listening to some soothing sissy hypnosis conditioning. valentine can now walk the room in a complete circuit, cock comfortably against the back of he.r throat, while balancing a book on he.r head (sissy walk report coming next!)

Last week, this sissy thought of something new to add to the routine: how to take her mid-day dose of gurl juice! There are seven herbal supplements that valentine takes – s.he stuck he.r purple dildo on top of the counter and balanced an individual capsule on the cleft at the top of the cockhead. he.r spit helped keep the caps stuck in place. valentine then deep-throated the cock, feeling it push the capsule into her throat as s.he went balls deep with he.r mouth. Come back up and voila! Capsule swallowed! Seven reputations and sissy had her dose for the afternoon! Yumm!

Well this exciting discovery had valentine ready for her special treat (thank You Madame Stewart!) s.he removed he.r thong and spreader and worked her two-and-a-half inch weighted plug into he.r sissy hole. This is currently the most girth that valentine can take, and it is mind blowing to finally work it all the way in. valentine placed the purple dildo horizontally on the edge of the bathtub and straddled it, sliding he.r ass along its length, feeling the head and balls bumping against he.r as she ground the plug deeper inside he.r pussy. It was a matter of mere minutes before this gurl was lapping up he.r sissy cream and getting ready to head back to work. All in fifty five minutes! Amazing what a gurl can get done with a bit of organization!

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princess sissy
1 year ago

well done sister. combing the sexual elements like this is crearive and sexy!congratulations

1 year ago

very hot, sister – you also gave this sissy some great ideas.

thank you hon

1 year ago

so nicely described, sister – and your purple dildo is lovely – this sissy has several such implements, but not a purple one – s.he needs to get one of those.


1 year ago

Oh thank goodness it was my special day reading this. Clean panties time.

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

That’s making it werk sweetie!