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leeanne | 06.19.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has recently joined and is exploring all the links on the site. This sissy has received its ‘chastity badge’ and is very honoured for this and her Masturbation Schedule (Tues/Thurs and Sat).

It would like to now write a report on some of its experiences over the last few days relating to Servitude.

She has been cleaning the house and doing jobs around the house that its Superior has been asking for some time now. But only now has this sissy realized that it does not have a say in the matter and must just do as it is being told. This sissy has come to this realization since joining Sissify.

This sissy has been wearing panties the entire week now, with some awkward moment when things are moving around and not so comfortable below, and needed adjustment urgently but could not due to being in the work environment with others standing next to this sissy. This has made it remember that it is learning that its comfort is not something a sissy has control of but needs to grin and bear it, and understand its place in the hierarchy. Where Mistresses rule and control.

When cleaning the house this sissy has had its panties on which made the sissy feel girlie, happy and horny. Thinking if only everyone else knew it would shock most but worthwhile for the sissy if the other took it further. The cleaning and tidying up this sissy completed was getting on its hands and knees to vacuum every room in the house, wash the dishes wearing an apron, and finally ironing the clothes for the week. Unfortunately no pictures could be taken for other family members were in the house at the time.

At work this week I have been very conscious of trying to walk like a sissy. Pushing its shoulders back and straightening its spine. The sissy realized that when it is wearing a bra this action will expose the bra shape even more and would be easily noticed by all, which could be embarrassing but also exciting. Taking smaller steps, crossing each leg over as the sissy walks, and enjoyed doing this especially walking up the stairs in the office block. This sissy noticed its hips/buttocks having a bit of an exaggerated sway as it moved up the stairs. The sissy also had to pick up and relocate some boxes. This was done on numerous occasions and the sissy on most occasions remembered to keep its knees and feet together as it bent down to pick up and put down the boxes on the floor. The sissy felt so good in doing this and loved it hoping that others were taking note and watching. This sissy still needs to work on its walk to loosen the pelvis, and be more natural in this movement.

black panties hide pointless sex organsStanding with sissies hands covering its pointless sex organs has never been a problem for this sissy, for it does this all the time subconsciously, but only realized now that it has been trying to hide and been embarrassed of them for all these years, and therefore always put its hands in front. Another behaviour that this sissy has never been comfortable with is sitting with the one leg over the other resting the ankle on the knee. It has always felt wrong and not naturally for this sissy. No matter how many times it tried to do this and be a male figure. This sissy just knew that it was not suppose to be sitting like this and has no right to do so. This sissy always sits on the edge of its chair at the office with its feet tucked under the chair, and at home with its feet together tucked on the chair bent with the feet near the sissies bottom, or the legs closed and the feet crossed over on the floor.

This day this sissy has served a woman (Superior) in looking for documents, scanning and emailing to Her in another country.

This day this sissy has placed a Womans needs above my own by not sitting down and watching television, and doing the above task as well as preparing dinner for the family, and only after that has this sissy then had dinner.
This day this sissy has further been defined as a sissy by coming to the realisation of all the acts that it has done this week to make it into a better sissy. This sissy is becoming more and more Obsequious.

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