Cocksucking 101

andrea65 | 01.25.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

one afternoon this sissy was on a website that has older gentlemen looking for younger men and an older black man contacted me. since i had a keen interest in meeting a black guy because i never had a chance to we started a dialogue that led to us meeting at his place a couple of weeks later. on the appointed day and time this sissy arrived on time as a good sissy slut should,even though i didnt have any sissy clothes at time. he came to the door in a robe and directed me to his bedroom where i promptly undressed,he removed his robe and had nothing else on underneath,took his seat in his chair and directed me to my knees in front of him. sissy then started with a nice tongue bath of his cock and balls,then proceeded to take the first couple of inches of hard cock in my lips,gently sucking and swirling around the head with my sissy tongue. slowly taking more of his cock in my mouth a little at a time until i had gone all the way down i started to steadily stroke him with my mouth and tease his tender spots with my tongue at same time until he started to tense up. then i moved to his balls,gently aucki g them while stroking him with my hand,eventually going back to sucking his cock. when he started throbbing a little i asked if he would like to come in my mouth and he said that it was a great place for it,so in short order he had pulled my head down on him as he unloaded down my throat. after cleaning him up completely with my tongue i remained on my knees and he said i should return as a regular sissy cocksucker for him.


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