Masturbation Schedule
lilsarahcdtv | 04.26.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

As part of my judgement from the Masturbation Review Board (Thank You , by the way; really looking forward to Wednesday), a requirement was assigned for the Masturbation 101 training in order to complete sarah’s understanding of her psyche’s connection to her girlish discharge. i want to thank my Superiors for this assignment, the elementary wanking to be practiced tomorrow with proper manipulation of my sissy-clit. Proper practice combined with proper mind-set and the wonderful new information in this training will help this sissy reach her true potential for girlishness. Perhaps with enough focus and attention to instruction this sissy may one day reach an advanced level and learn new skills!



  1. this sissy slut is so grateful to The House for allowing a masturbation schedule. it is so close to this sissies request. s.he will follow the advise of The House on how to complete schedule and shall not deviate from the advise in the articles that s.he has read. this sissy slut will complete that assignment upon the completion of this weeks. allowable days. thank You so very very much to The House for making this sissy so happy .

    Your very own sissy slut


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