It was a dark and stormy night…

Dark and Stormy

“Good, now turn around and show me your pretty little ass.” Something smooth was pressing against my sissy cunt. i felt elated and dizzy at once. It slid in ever so slowly, with almost no resistance. She wrapped something cold and metallic around my waist. There was a clicking sound. “Stand up stephanie” She brought two thin metal straps from behind me, one on either side of my sissy clit and tessies, and clipped them to the waistband. A curved metal plate with a metal strap on the end was attached and placed over my sex. The strap went between my legs. When she cinched it to the waistband in the back my tessies were crushed against my body, and the dildo was driven into me even deeper – there was another click.

“There, there now my sweet stephanie, you will grow to love it. From now on you belong to Us. You must ask permission even to go to the bathroom. This chastity belt is impossible to remove with out this key. You will be locked in your room when one of Us is not here, and you shall wear this chastity belt, as punishment for ruining your wig.”

She held up a small chrome key. “Today, my delightful little sissy, we shall spend the day together. Here’s a little surprise…” She held up a small plastic box with a button on it. When She pushed the button the dildo in me became alive…vibrating, squirming, twisting and pumping into me. Within seconds i was cumming just like last night – from deep within me. my mind and body turned into mush as spasm after spasm of pure pleasure wracked me, each one more powerful than the one before. i was on my knees, i thought i would pass out…

Suddenly it stopped. “This remote has a half-mile radius. If i call and you don’t answer – i won’t hesitate to use it. You may think it’s very pleasurable now – but if i leave it on long enough you will wish to hell you were dead…understood?” “Yes, Mistress.” “Now clean yourself up, get dressed and come downstairs when your ready, and I’ll pick you out something pretty – we’re going shopping…”

While i was in the shower, Mistress Kyssi had laid out the outfit She wanted me to wear. It was a pinstripe pattern suit with a knee-length skirt, a white blouse and a jacket that looked as if it were tailored just for me. i slipped on a pair of black pumps and rushed down the stairs. “Well, don’t we look pretty today, ” She smiled as She inspected me. “But those shoes won’t due; I have some special ones for our little trip.”

Out of a shoebox She produced a pair of 5″ strap, black pumps with little locks on each. i thought the locks were ornamental, but as i snapped them into place She produced a key and smiled wickedly. “Those are on for the duration, honey, ” she quipped. “And what to do about your hair…” i stared numbly at the shiny padlocks on my pumps.

“Hmmmm…let’s just see if blondes have more fun, shall we?” She disappeared for a moment and returned with a long blonde wig. “Put this on, and if something happens to it….” The dildo inside of me began twisting and pumping again, my knees got weak. “Yes, Mistress Kyssi” i said weakly. It stopped.

Carefully, i smoothed it over my head and attached the small combs to my hair. As i walked down the hall i caught my reflection in the hall mirror. i was a woman. As i rearranged my blonde locks, i couldn’t believe what i saw. Staring back at me was a woman ready to go shopping. i couldn’t break myself away. “You look great as a blonde,” She said as She patted my behind.

We walked together into the crisp, sunlit day. i couldn’t believe how great it felt to be outside – especially dressed as i was. i had been out of the house before dressed, but usually at night or at a club, never during the day. The feeling of old man winter sneaking a peek at my garters just sent me into giggles. The heels were higher than i was used to, but i managed to maintain my balance.

Our first stop was a caterer. Mistress quickly and succinctly placed Her order. The staff seemed very friendly and familiar with Her. She was making arrangements for a party of sorts, but i stayed out of the way for the most part. She introduced me as stephanie, the new housemaid, and told them that i would be taking care of the arrangements in the future. i smiled and tried to remember their names – but I’ve never been very good at that.

The next stop was a uniform shop, where two seamstresses fit me for a classic French maid’s uniform, complete with apron, ruffles and even a duster. As one of them tried to attach the headpiece to my hair, the wig slipped, and Mistress commented how it was so hard to find good-looking help these days. They all laughed and straightened my wig. One of them, while attaching a garter, slid her hand all the way up my thigh, and seemed disappointed to find the smooth metal plate under my panties.

“This is Patti and Her assistant is Joy, stephanie. And how shall we thank these wonderful ladies for fitting you so well?” i curtseyed as prettily as i could and smiled a thank you to both of them. “That’s not exactly what We had in mind, steph,” Joy said. i was led into the back room, told to kneel between Patti’s legs. “I’m sure you don’t need instructions, stephanie, pleasure Her,” Mistress said grinning.

She lifted the folds of her dress, and as i reached for Her panties She said: “No stephanie, take them off with your sissy teeth; work for it, bitch.” She lifted Her dress and guided my head toward Her special place, and as i worked to remove Her panties, She threw Her dress back over me. i heard Patti lifting my dress and commenting on how nicely exposed the chastity belt left my sissy little butt. Just as i managed to pull Joy’s panties to Her knees i heard muffled talking.

“No, go ahead – it’s what i keep the little whore around for; enjoy Yourself” There were muffled footsteps, first away and then closing. i licked gently and carefully around my prize, and when i neared Her little nub She squeezed tightly on my head. There was a whistling sound and a sharp stab of pain across my already sore buns. A smooth hand gently massaged the rising welt. There was another, and another. It felt as if Patti was drawing a pattern on me. Joy was ordering me to stop teasing and get down to business, which i did with a passion. Patti continued alternating strokes of gentle hands and a sharp crop. Mistress Kyssi joined in by pushing Her remote control every so often, only adding to my humiliation and pain.

Joy mashed Her pussy into my face and Patti smacked me with 7 consecutive strokes. Joy was cumming. At first there were only tremors, but then She wrapped Her legs around my neck and dug Her heels into my back. My face was locked to Her sweet sex as She bucked and moaned. Patti continued Her straping, leaving welts halfway down the back of my thigh. Joy let me loose and pushed me away. i fell backwards and landed with my head on the carpeted floor between Patti’s legs. She squatted immediately on my mouth and suddenly i was filled with warm salty liquid.

“Don’t spill a drop, stephanie, or there will be hell to pay,” Mistress commanded. i swallowed the stream of liquid as quickly as i could, with only a drop or two seeping from the corners of my mouth. When Patti was through with me, She stood and walked to stand next to Joy. They embraced and kissed tenderly. “Not bad at all for a novice, Kyssi,” Patti smiled. “Come see us anytime.” i was excused to the bathroom to “primp”, as Mistress puts it. The packages were waiting for me by the counter as i walked out. “Nice butt, stephanie, i may just have to borrow you sometime,” Joy said.

The cool leather of the car seat never felt quite as good as when i got back into the car. “you did well back there stephanie, you will make a fine sissy,” Mistress said smilin. “Thank You, Mistress,” i smiled back. There was a couple more stops. The first was a wig and hat store, where Mistress removed my wig in front of several customers and had me try on several to replace the one i ruined.

The second was a fetish shop, where She picked up a new cat-o-nine tails and a riding crop. She had the sales person demonstrate them on me with my skirt raised. He seemed to take great delight in adding a few more stripes to my tender bottom. As we were leaving, i noticed that i really had to “go”. “Well, dear, you’ll just have to wait ’til we get home. I left the key to your belt, there.”

She stopped at the bank on the way, made me accompany Her, and chatted extensively with the bank teller while i stood with my hands folded in front of me. When i felt as if i couldn’t hold it another second She smiled a good-bye and we went back to the car. After another twenty minutes on the road, we were finally home. She casually slipped out of Her coat. “Mistress Kyssi? May i please have permission to go to the little girl’s room?”

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The House has helped rikki in such a short time. It’s given a safe refuge with safe, caring sisters. It’s helped free h.erself and giving the tools to serve a Mistress, in order to fulfill desire… Read more “rikki”

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